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VBit Technologies was founded in 2018 in Philadelphia when a few blockchain believers and aficionados came together and began exploring the concept of utilizing blockchain technology to improve processes in real world businesses.

Since launching, VBit has helped over 5000 clients and continues to experience exponential growth.

Today VBit is committed to its mission: Building an efficient and large scale mining operation anyone and everyone can use!

Dahn Vo,

CEO and Founder

Danh Vo is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of leadership experience. He started his first business, a computer manufacturing, and programming consulting company, at the age of 13, and had a successful exit of over 1.6 million dollars by the age of 15. Since then, he has focused his work around the finance and technology industry.

Danh took an interest in the cryptocurrency markets in 2015, and using his ability to recognize patterns and trends, he founded VBit Technologies to help revolutionize the financial industry.

Dahn Vo

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Our team can help you buy bitcoins, choose a bitcoin wallet.

Jin Gao

Danh Vo

Jin Gao

Jin Gao

Director of Sales
Jason Wong
Operations VP
Jason Wong
Chief Technology Officer
Katie Vo
Operation Director
Zeljka Basic

Zeljka Basic

Marketing Director
Jimmy Qualch

Jimmy Qaulch

Admin Team Lead
Jin Gao

Gersham Fulcott

Facilities Manager
Sunjay Rampall

Sunjay Rampall

Technology Team Lead

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